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N5000 stipend

Did Buhari Win Elections Because Of The N5000 Stipend?

Did Buhari win elections because of N5000 stipend promised? Why is there so much fuss about a 5000 naira stipend promised to the unemployed graduates in Nigeria that should never have been? Find out in this article.

When Buhari made the campaign promise of N5000 stipend to unemployed Nigerians, to me it sounded like child’s play. In fact it was laughable! How on earth will that be possible in a country such as ours where we’ve got no data base and corruption reigns supreme ahead of other vices? I knew from the outset that it was just a campaign gimmick and I also felt majority of my fellow patriots especially the highly educated ones would be of the same school of thought.  But to my chagrin, heated arguments and controversies followed suit as soon as feelers went out. People began calling for the head of Buhari and I’m like…hello! Wasn’t it clear that campaign promise was a blatant lie! In fact since I started following elections in Nigeria that seems to be the biggest campaign lie I’ve ever heard.

Any youth that fell for that bait must indeed be gullible.

Abi na so una believe the guy reach?

It only shows he’s human and not some demi gods as some Nigerians believe especially those in our northern plexus. Now the President is giving us another angle to the N5000 largesse stating that he has other priorities, President Buhari  would rather use the monies to build more schools, infrastructural developments and empowering the Agricultural and Mining Sectors.

In his exact words:

“This largesse N5,000 for the unemployed, I have got a slightly different priority. I would rather do the infrastructure, the school and correct them and empower agriculture, mining so that every able bodied person can go and get work instead of giving 5,000, N5,000 to those who don’t work.

Also, we shouldn’t fail to recognize the fact that leadership must evaluate its decision and position on matters arising at any point in time regardless of whose ox is gored. Albeit that’s not my bone of contention here.

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That promise shouldn’t have been made at the outset! It is simply unrealistic in the present Nigerian society. Even a fool knows that. That is not to say it wasn’t conceived with the best of intentions.

Of a truth, I don’t think campaign promises anywhere in the world are fulfilled to the letter.

Though President Buhari’s  alternative his laudable but that’s no excuse for the blatant lie the APC told Nigerians knowing fully well that the masses view President Buhari as a man of integrity. It’s simply unacceptable!

At the moment, I’m not sure everyone who voted him still have faith in his campaign promises. Nonetheless, one can only but hope that the largesse is used for what it’s now intended for. That to me is a much better alternative, a more believable and achievable campaign promise.

That the President rescinded his decision shouldn’t be news, what news-worthy is the fact that controversies and heated reactions have trailed the failed N5000 stipend. I am really not disappointed and that’s because I even forgot he made such promise minutes after the promise was made.

In fact, I feel relieved and not betrayed or cheated like some Nigerians out there feel. I am happy that he has been able to make you guys reason holistically by coming out to quell any thought or hope of one loose cash from the coffers of the Federal Government; another opportunity to enrich the already over-bloated public office holders.

Now the argument is that Buhari won the elections because of the N5000 stipend he promised our unemployed youths.  And again I laugh this time in Hausa! That is as ridiculous as the promise itself.

The earlier we accept the fact that the N5000 thingy is officially a failed promise and get our asses to work the better for us

You guys should go get something doing and don’t lose sleep over what was never bound to happen under sane conditions, not even now that the country’s economy has gone berserk!

In Nigeria our leaders’ words are not their bonds let’s stop taking them too seriously. They have shown us over time that campaign promises are only made to secure votes afterwards they expect her citizens to either take a chill pill or go to hell!


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