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Living In Skyscrapers: A race for the sky

Living in skyscrapers

The desire to build big is nothing new. Big buildings have been used to show off power and wealth; to honor leaders or religious beliefs; to stretch the limits of what’s possible; and even as simple competition among owners, families, architects, and builders. Some of the most dramatic buildings of the past include the pyramids in Egypt, the skinny towers ...

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Landholders and Fire Insurance Policy

Fire insurance

Land is and has been an important commodity in every nation, Landholders ability to manage and protect their use and enjoyment of land contributes in no small measure to land development and Nation buildings. Several risks are associated with landholding in Nigeria, but the menace and fury of fire seem greater and must be given proper attention through the employment ...

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Top 10 Weirdest Buildings on Earth

top 10 weirdest buildings on earth

We are about to share with you amazing and weird pictures and details of buildings/places you never thought existed. The only way you would have come across buildings in this article is probably watching a Hollywood movie. These pictures and info will hold you spellbound! If you are opportuned to take a tour round one of the buildings displayed below, ...

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World Property Market: Top Investment Spots in 2015

world property

The global economy is changing, and new markets are emerging in world property. There is a total change happening on the real estate map in 2015, and smart investors are getting ahead. Even safe-haven investors are beginning to try new opportunities. While top cities like New York and London remain active, it’s time to eye new spots for investments. Hence, ...

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