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World Property Market: Top Investment Spots in 2015

The global economy is changing, and new markets are emerging in world property. There is a total change happening on the real estate map in 2015, and smart investors are getting ahead. Even safe-haven investors are beginning to try new opportunities. While top cities like New York and London remain active, it’s time to eye new spots for investments. Hence, the need for this article, which will serve as a guide to getting ahead on virgin investment destinations around the world.

Real estate has become a stronger global asset class for several years, this is according to the World Economic Forum. The reasons are many, but the fact remains that real estate has become a more preferred investment option. So this is a fertile ground for you, sometimes even if you do not have up to millions to invest with.


Interest in upcoming neighbourhood, especially in the inner urban areas, in established hubs like London and Paris is growing as prices there are still affordable.], while the location is close to central business districts. Paris for instance is viewed as a safe but buzzing area, while small neighbourhoods are yet to grow in the coming years, so they are opportunities for investment. Other growing areas include Williamsburg in New York, Kachidoki Bay-Area in Tokyo, Barangaroo in Sydney, Paris 16th Arrondissement, Cape Town Central Business District, Kowloon West in Hong Kong, Tiong Barou in Singapore, and Nairobi’s Runda and Gigiri. London’s Victoria Park and Dubai’s Business Bay are among the top world places to invest now.


Luxury real estate in Europe has become a lot cheaper in recent months, going down up to 25-40%, because of the stronger U.S Dollar and increasing inventories, which makes it a golden opportunity for dollar investors. These investment opportunities are not only restricted to luxury apartments and big houses in Paris or Madrid, but also medieval castles and historical mansions across Europe. They won’t come cheap, but if you have the money, now is the time to invest in Europe’s top properties.


Chinese investors are now looking at Australia’s real estate because of the limited options they have on the land in their country. Cyprus, Portugal and Spain who are slowly rising from the ashes are becoming popular. Prices there are still affordable, but they are expected to rise in the coming years. Some African cities and certain markets in the Middle East are also appealing due to rapid economic growth. In Dubai, for example, property prices are much lower than re-crisis levels and they will be rising because of constant demand and hosting of global events like World Expo in 2020, and Qatar hosting 2022 World Cup, this is bound to bring developments in these cities.


Commercial real estate is good investment option even for a beginner investor and office rentals in certain cities are expected to yield large profits. Upcoming business districts in Africa and Middle East are probably the highest-yielding investments in the world property market, regardless of certain risks. The rise of such cities are due to growing globalization and companies’ interest in expanding on an international level. Chinese investments in other cities have influenced growth in London, New York, Sydney, San Fransisco and Toronto.

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