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Risks to Avoid When Using Leverage in Real Estate

Leverage is the use of various financial instruments or borrowed capital to purchase and/or increase the potential return of investment—the term is used on both Wall Street and in the Main Street real estate market. The easiest example for real estate is a mortgage, where you’re using your own money to leverage the purchase. In most cases, a 20% down ...

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Investment Opportunities In Real Estate

Investment opportunities

There are vast investment opportunities in real estate for investors searching for proven investment in Nigeria. This article highlights the investment opportunities in real estate. In the real estate industry, opportunities are always in the increase as population increases, consequently many people seeking to own, rent or occupy properties also go on the increase. You won’t lose-out if you invest ...

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Experts Identify Real Estate Sector, Others, For Good investment Opportunities In Nigeria

Why You Should Always Reinvest Your Real Estate Returns

Investments with exciting opportunities for good returns abound in listed equities with strong fundamentals and low valuations and other growth sectors of the economy. Some of them are real estate, education, health and agricultural sectors. There are also investment opportunities in companies that are non-import dependent as Nigeria grapples with foreign exchange constraints. These were part of the conclusions of ...

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