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Investment opportunities

Investment Opportunities In Real Estate

There are vast investment opportunities in real estate for investors searching for proven investment in Nigeria. This article highlights the investment opportunities in real estate.

In the real estate industry, opportunities are always in the increase as population increases, consequently many people seeking to own, rent or occupy properties also go on the increase.

You won’t lose-out if you invest in the right places of interest. Some investment opportunities in real estate have been discovered and relayed by virtue of relationship while others through advertisements and other information dissemination channels.

This is first-hand knowledge on investment opportunities that abound in real estate and possible locations of interest and people-concentrated places.

Though there are lots of opportunities to choose from in real estate in almost every part of the country, you will be sure that not all that is tagged an opportunity will truly turn out to be the best result desired. With this, you’ll get to know for yourself what to tag an investment opportunity in real estate.

I’ll like to draw your attention to rentals and selling off of properties to potential buyers, which are lucrative real estate investments.

Prospects need to either buy, rent or lease different types of properties at different times for different reasons. One may decide to rent a new apartment, buy a piece of land, build a new house or make renovations, sell a landed property and others.

In the progress of this process, there are increases in the demand for properties to occupy and acquire. There’s always an option to choose from locations according to one’s financial status at the time of investment. But some places command higher demand for both residential and commercial properties. Such places usually give better returns also.

If you seek for real estate opportunities that will leave you happy and motivate you to invest unceasing, you will need to acquire relevant knowledge and build a team of experts to work with.

You need to diverge sentiment from your investment decisions, learn how to analyse opportunities, rate them and decide on the best available.

The security of an investment opportunity and the return potentials are major consideration factors in deciding what to invest in. Security while considering an investment opportunity in real estate matters a lot.

To avoid partial or total unpredictable loss of investment, you must review the processes involved while renting, buying or investing in properties that belong to someone else if you plan to benefit from your investment.

A good location is essential to reasonably insure your investment while trying to buy a landed property against price drops amounting to loss.

For instance, opportunities abound in strategic areas of interest across the country where real estate investments are real, applicable and working.

Below are listed strategic locations of interests and their features of attraction for real estate investors.

*Lagos- As a commercial state and one filled with business and support activities, Lagos state is one of the most suiting places that guarantee good return on investment opportunities in real estate if you have the know-how

*FCT-Abuja- As the seat of power and a fast developing state, Abuja has been a spot of interest and a location of desire by almost every investor since the area became Nigeria’s Federal Capital Territory.

The FCT contains vast investment opportunities in real estate. It is still one of the few places where you can have 10 years or less pay-back period on investment properties rampant.

*Kano- But for the current insecurity, which I believe is a passing phase, Kano is a commercial backbone of not just the northern Nigeria but also the Northern African Nations.

Kano is the second most populated state in Nigeria, it draws people from far and near to invest in real estate and they sure have returns on their investments, smiling back with profits.

*Ogun- It’s close proximity to Lagos makes it a hot-bed coupled with the fact that the state ranks as one of the top  four states with the highest internally generated revenue. Ogun state even as a higher IGP than Kano and oil producing Delta state.

So you see why an investment opportunity in the state shouldn’t be taken with a pinch of salt

*Port-Harcourt- As a tourist city, centre of the crude and refined oil business in Nigeria, investment opportunities in real estate are always abound in the garden city.

Opportunities are always on the increase, even in some states I didn’t specify. As development is taking place, so are more opportunities in real estate unearthed.

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