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5 Ways We Can Prevent Accidents In Homes


We often think of our homes as our safe havens, but that’s not always the case. Hundreds of thousands of accidents in and around the home occur each year, with close to half of all injuries and deaths happening right under someone’s roof. This article talks about what we can do to prevent accidents in our homes. There’s no need ...

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10 Things You Should Never Do In Your Kitchen

Your Kitchen

For many folks, the kitchen is the most homey and comfortable room in the house. It’s where families come together to create and enjoy meals. However, the kitchen can become a pretty dangerous place if you’re not careful. There are also many ways to mess up a meal or misuse your utensils that many of us do each and every ...

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What you should keep and discard in your living room

your living room

Your lounge room should be the room you turn to when you want to feel good. Whether you want to relax in front of the television at the end of a busy day, read a book, or just hang out with family and friends, your lounge room should feel welcoming and clutter free. Here is what you should keep and discard ...

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Top 10 Kitchen Designs For Your Homes

Kitchen Designs

Some persons might not agree with me if I were to say the kitchen is the most important room amongst rooms that exist in a home, albeit I may not be so far away from the truth. I mean, the kitchen is where ingredients that turn boys to men and girls to ladies are forged. In this article we take ...

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Home Design; Things You Should Consider At Old Age

Home Design

Whether you’ve found the home you want to grow old in or you’re planning for an elderly relative to move in with your family, the home design choices you make now should be made with a weather eye to the future. Invariably, you choice home design can make or mar your home. During the process of home design, you may ...

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These 2 Rooms Will Seal Your Home sale Deal

home sale

Do you know which spaces add the most value during a home sale? The ambience of a particular room in a house that has been put up for sale can skyrocket the value of the house and make it a toast of all during a home sale. This article analyzes two rooms in a house that can seal a home ...

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Kitchen Floors: Tiles vs Wood


This article takes a quick look at the pros and cons of the two superstar kitchen flooring choices. How do they manage the ick, while allowing for style and comfort? Your kitchen sees you at your most inspired and grottiest. The kitchen floor has to weather it all, serve up charm while you serve dinner, and be easy to clean ...

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