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What you should keep and discard in your living room

Your lounge room should be the room you turn to when you want to feel good. Whether you want to relax in front of the television at the end of a busy day, read a book, or just hang out with family and friends, your lounge room should feel welcoming and clutter free. Here is what you should keep and discard in your living room.

If your living room is filled with so much stuff that it’s hard to even sit down, much less relax, then it’s doubtful you’re getting the proper “ah’s” out of that room. Today’s the day to do something about it.

Here’s a short list of three things that you should keep and three things that really shouldn’t have a place in your living room. Use these tips to help you de-clutter this space and make it feel much more welcoming.


3 things to throw

Say goodbye to extra magazines

The rule is easy: If you have more than two back issues of any magazine, they need to go. You’ve promised yourself you’re going to read them but the truth is you probably won’t. So don’t be hard on yourself, just send them to the recycle bin – and don’t look back. If you’re having trouble doing this, understand that even as you’re reading this, the magazine publishers are busy putting together their latest issues again for you. There will be more to read soon!


Out go the piles of kids’ toys

If the room is feeling like you’ve lost control to other (little) people who also live in your home, then you need to establish a new rule. Set a limit for the amount of toys that can live in the lounge room. The rest need to go somewhere else. That limit should be whatever you think, but you shouldn’t lose sight of the fact that this room needs to work for everyone in the home – not just the kids. A good general rule: One box or bin of toys in this room is plenty.

Stop putting things down & start putting them away

Chances are your living room is full of things that don’t belong there. Does your lounge room seem to collect things that clearly should be in another part of the house? Take a good look around. Are there things from the office, the garage or the kitchen in there? Sometimes the stuff accumulates and we don’t even see it. This is a living space, not a storage room. If this is you, get them out of the room immediately and clear some much-needed space. Nobody needs car parts in the living room, right?

3 things to keep

Good storage makes life easier

It’s a good idea to have a small box or tray for all of the remotes and device chargers that are in the living room. If you give the remotes a place to ‘live’ then you won’t constantly be searching for them. I am lucky enough to have a white high gloss TV unit with led lights that has so much storage in! Although you should always ask yourself whether you still really need all of the old remotes or broken devices you have been keeping. Too much storage can often be a bad thing, sometimes we hold onto this equipment even when you’ve updated the technology. For what you do still use, grab a nice tray that you can leave out. Give each of your remotes a good clean with some paper towel and cleaning solution, and designate one space for all of that equipment.

A table or tray for food

It’s pretty common that people relax in front of the television and have some snacks or even a meal. The problem is that the room is often not designed for that. Find a tray that might collapse out of the way or even a small table. The thing you don’t want is to leave dirty dishes, empty wrappers or old take-away containers all over the room. If the dirty stuff is at eye level, there’s a much better chance you’ll carry it back to the kitchen when you’re done. A small tray or table will go a long way in motivating you to not leave food items on the floor and ensure they’re taken to the kitchen for cleaning.

A reasonable amount of decor

Are you an amateur decorator who has trouble passing by a sale? Has your lounge room become filled with extra candles, throw pillows or blankets? I believe ‘less is more’ when it comes to decorating – especially in a room that’s intended for the whole family to use. Clearing out the extra clutter and giving the unused blankets and pillows to a shelter or to someone who needs them will have a wonderfully positive effect on your space – plus you’ll have done something good for the world – and that always feels good.


Make sure your living room is for living

Too much clutter can really overwhelm a room and destroy any chance of really relaxing and enjoying that space. In addition, the more clutter the tougher it is to keep a room clean, tidy and usable. So take a half hour and whip your living room into shape. You’ll love the end result!


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