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TENANCY LAW IN NIGERIA from legal perspectives | #SackYourLandlord

Tenancy law in Nigeria

In many tabloids that are released everyday, there is always a story of Landlord and Tenants fiasco featuring in at least Three of the tabloids. This shows that there is still a lot of work that should be done about Landlord and Tenant Relationship in Nigeria. The Tenancy Law in Nigeria was brought to solve some of these problems, but ...

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Are We Adhering To The Lagos Tenancy Law?

The Lagos tenancy law

Since the Lagos Tenancy law was promulgated in 2011, it remains to be seen if there’s been full adherence to the law. In this article we will take a look at some of the aspects of the law where landlords have been found wanting. These are offences that shouldn’t even arise with or without the law in place. The problem ...

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Maximising Your Rental Return


Maximising your rental return is key in establishing yourself among the big players in the real estate business. It is essential to strategize or map out plan on how you can effectively maximise your rental returns. This article highlights the steps to take. If you have recently decided that you want to rent out your house but are unsure of ...

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Commercial Property Vs Residential Property

Residential property

Before we weigh the pros and cons between a residential property and a commercial property, let’s define the two real estate terminologies. A residential property is any property that derives all or nearly all of its income from dwelling units. Single-family homes, multi-families, apartment buildings, condos, co-ops are all residential. For commercial property, we’ll use a typical layman’s definition: property ...

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Things You Should Know Before Building A Duplex

House Design

Just like every real estate property, building a duplex is a great investment for homeowners and landlords, albeit it still comes with its unique advantages and disadvantages. This article highlights the things you should know before buying or building a duplex. Duplexes are houses that are divided into two separate units, but essentially share the same building. Building a duplex ...

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Bargain of the day: The Real Deal in Real Estate

bargain of the day

You want to know the best business decision you can make in 2016?  That will be investing in real estate through Realty Point’s “Bargain of the day” offer. This piece gives useful insight to this off-the-hook initiative. It’s a new year of new beginnings, new opportunities and new innovations. The Pendulum swings forth signaling another chance at taking that step ...

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Full details of a Landlord and Tenant relationship

landlord tenant

Landlord and tenant relationship is an association between two individuals arising from an agreement by which one individual occupies the other’s real property with permission, subject to a rental fee. The term landlord refers to a person who owns property and allows another person to use it for a fee. The person using the property is calleda tenant. The agreement between ...

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PROPERTY EVICTION: Rights of a Tenant


Relationships are the bane of human existence; they are what sustains us, keeps us going and makes us alive. Whether we want to or not, our very nature is woven to rely on relationships and in the course of our lives, one of the relationships we will have is the landlord-tenant one. Unfortunately, this relationship is one of the most ...

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