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The Challenges of Finding Accommodation in Lagos

Finding accommodation in Lagos

Over the years Lagos has become home to every Tom, Dick and Harry which makes the city of excellence a real estate  hotbed and as  such a case of survival of the fittest for those in search of a place to call home. In this article, Lekan Linkin Lofinji examines the challenges of finding accommodation in Lagos. If you are ...

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Lagos plans to review tenancy law

Lagos plans tenancy law review

In what would serve as good news to a lot of Tenants and maybe some quarters of Landlords across the state, the Lagos State Government is planning tenancy law review in the state. The Lagos State Law Reform Commission has said that it has identified the need to review certain provisions of the existing Lagos State Tenancy Law of 2011 ...

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Bad Market – Episode 4

Bad market - episode 6

“There has to be a mistake somewhere- call it a case of mistaken identity. This Alhaji has no idea of my personality. His mind must really be playing deadly tricks on him. I can be accused of many things but definitely not sleeping with another man’s wife.” I couldn’t even woo a girl successfully, how much more taking her to ...

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5 Signs It’s Time You Break Up With Your Landlord


Do you know many tenants live in their rented apartments discontented, yet can’t show their landlords their discontentment? Well…it is normal to feel disconnected from what isn’t entirely yours. This article lists 5 signs it’s time to break up with your landlord. Just as it is with every relationship on earth, your landlord is usually all nice and dandy at ...

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Enhancing Your Real Estate Investment For Sale

Firms launch N20b trust fund to boost real estate

There comes a time during the course of any real estate investment when it becomes clear that selling off the property is the best course. When that time comes, getting the most out of your piece of real estate is crucial to seeing the big payoff at the end of the real estate investment experience that you have been expecting ...

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Why Homeownership Is a Cool Investment

Kano state to grant land and tax incentives to investors

If there is an investment in the world that has the “never say die” spirit, it is homeownership. You won’t be too far from the truth, if you say homeownership is a tool to reduce poverty and as a route to wealth-building for the middle class. This article tells us why homeownership is a cool investment. A good investment is ...

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Landlord Stabs Tenant To Death Over Internal Wranglings


For allegedly stabbing his tenant to death over space to dispose used water, Gbade Metibemu is to be remanded at the Ikoyi Prisons, pending legal advice from the Director of Public Prosecution (DPP). Metibemu, 34, was presented to face trial on a charge of murder before Magistrate Mrs K.A. Ariyo of an Ebute Meta Chief Magistrates’ Court, Lagos, on Thursday, ...

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