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The best place to live

Where Do You Consider As The Best Place To Live?

Where’s the best place to live? That depends on what’s important to you. Location is of paramount concern for most people when choosing a new home. That’s why it’s crucial to have accurate facts and specifics about places and new communities so you can make an informed decision. This article looks at least 6 factors the average Nigerian should consider before settling for that location. Be it the Mainland or the Island for those of us who reside in Lagos.

Where Mr. Adenekan considers as the best place to live could be different from where Mr. Okeke will choose to live. What is consequential is the factors they bring to the fore in determining what they consider as the best place for them.

Fortunately, there are several valuable sources you can use to gather information about the places you’re considering. The internet is an excellent starting place to research possible new homes and development. The people in the neighbourhood also provide first-hand information on the location in question.

Where you choose to live or where you consider the best place to live is a highly subjective decision, based on many individual variables. So, what important factors should you take into consideration before you decide to pack all your worldly belongings and head for your new home?  Here are some important elements to consider as you begin your search. Dissecting these factors will go a long way in giving useful insights on the best place to live.

Having vital information about local schools in your area, place or the new location you intend moving to is a primary concern among parents. Again, the Internet has a wealth of resources to find out detailed information about the various schools in the areas you are considering. However the people who have lived in that neighbourhood for a good number of years usually give you all the information you need depending on your manner of approach.

Before you conclude that a location you love is the best place to live you must first feel secured. Feeling safe and secure in your new home is a primary consideration when choosing where to live. It gives peace of mind.

Health care access
Quick access to quality health care and corresponding coverage areas should be topmost on your list when deciding the best place to live . You’ll want to know beforehand how close your new home is to the nearest hospital or urgent care facility, especially if a member of your family has an existing chronic medical condition.

Cost of living factors 
This is quite essential because it affects everything that has to do with your life. Do you have to commute long distances and expend so much on transportation to get to work? Or you use up too much fuel on a daily basis to take your kids to school? Is your new location far from a market? Its distance to a major market means you will have to give an arm and a leg to get household provisions and other items from nearby stores. Those nearby stores in your area will sell items to you at exorbitant rates because of the cost of transportation of the items since they have to travel long distances to get it.

The People Resident In the Area

The manner of people you have as neighbours should also be put into consideration. Are your neighbours your age-grade or are they aged people and retirees who are waiting for a call from heaven? Are you of like minds or they are illiterates? What class of the society do they belong to? I mean you can’t be listening to rock music when majority of the people in the area or community are Juju Music lovers; a place where Pasuma reigns supreme. You will never feel comfortable in such area


This is another vital aspect to consider in a country such as ours where we don’t enjoy power long enough to press our clothes. In fact, any place that enjoys electricity 12 hours daily should be the best place to live; that place should win an award. Most location in Lagos suffer long periods of blackout. Some go days without light. So it is essential that you put the power factor into consideration before you make that move, or else you may have to spend your entire savings on fueling your generating set or even on repairs except you want to live in darkness and be left frustrated.

Forewarned is forearmed
Deciding where to live requires in-depth, up-to-date information which can help you analyze a variety of quality of life issues. While different sources may produce different results, it’s a good idea to check them all out and get a comprehensive overview of what’s considered to be a ‘Best place to live’. Make sure you use all of the resources you have at your disposal. Knowledge is power.

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