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relocating to a new city

What You Must Do To Ease The Burden Of Relocating To A New City

The excitement of a new job in a new city can be tempered by the daunting prospect of  relocating to a new city with all of your worldly possessions. Any time you think of moving cross country for a job, the inevitable stress of relocation will seep in and that is certainly not fair during a time of joy over a new promotion or new opportunity. This article talks about some ways to eliminate at least some of that stress.

While relocating to a new city is indeed a taxing experience, it doesn’t have to be a complete downer during what should be an exciting time.

Working with your employer for some concessions is not possible in all circumstances, but during some promotions and new job positions, a company will provide varying levels of assistance that can take some of the stress out of moving. Obviously, it is to a company’s benefit to have you at full speed on your first day and taking out some moving headaches is a good way to accomplish that. By negotiating these moving-related benefits before taking a job, you can turn a daunting prospect into a much easier situation.

Moving Expenses
While relocating to a new city, negotiating with your company to get all or a part of your moving costs paid for can provide a significant peace of mind during a relocation. Some companies may provide you accommodation, in this instance you might not go through the hassles of relocation to another state. However if this is not the case you may have to factor some other ways to reduce the burden on you especially when you are relocating to a city that is far from your state of domicile or state of origin.

Imagine you’ve lived and worked in Lagos all your life, then you are suddenly transferred to Calabar. You will have to decipher if that move will favour you in terms of relocation. Is your company making any attempt at helping you with the burden of relocation especially when you are a family person. You will have to negotiate the terms in relation to the relocation. Understandably, not all companies factor the cost of relocation and the inconvenience associated with it and negotiating a percentage of costs to be paid by the company can be a strong compromise position. Be sure to factor in all costs necessary during a move and transportation costs when offering an estimate to your company, that if you must.

Home-Hunting Assistance
The process of finding a new home in a strange, new city can be a long one and asking a company for assistance in doing so can ease the transition to a new town. Some companies will offer to pay for a few trips to take tours of potential new homes before a move and most will offer advice on areas of town to look at or popular regions. Others would have an accommodation for you even before coming up with the offer. Nothing will increase stress like trying to cram as many home showings into a weekend as possible, so be sure to inquire about multiple trips and other assistance.

Time Off
Perhaps the most important component to negotiating moving assistance is carving out time off for the actual move and to settle in with family in a new home and city in situations where your entire family has to move with you. The entire process of packing, moving, unpacking and settling can take a substantial amount of time and negotiating with a company for the amount of time that will allow you to make a stress-free move is a critical component for not only you but your family as well.

In some cases, you or your family may need some kind of counseling to help ease the transition to a new area while relocating to a new city. Moving amounts to what is basically life upheaval and that can weigh heavily on you and your children in particular. Leaving a comfortable situation of familiar friends and a familiar school environment can be difficult transition and sometimes counseling assistance can ease that transition. The counseling would include the location that will be cool, convenient and safe for you and your family to stay. You may also want to find out about the amenities, schools and infrastructures in the location you are moving to.

These are all points that you should bring up with your prospective employer when negotiating a new position. Rare is the company that will provide full assistance in all of these categories, but there is certainly merit in talking about relocation assistance at the very least. Your move affects not only you but your family and loved ones as well, so be sure to look out for their stress levels as well.

Don’t let a relocation take some of the excitement out of what should be a fun time with a new city and new job. By exploring a few of these options, you can not only take the stress out of the situation but add some excitement to the proceedings as well.

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