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Sack your landlord contest

THIRD EDITION: ‘The Sack Your Landlord Contest’ RELOADED!

THE ‘SACK YOUR LANDLORD CONTEST’ comes alive this month. It’s a competition that creates the platform for writers and aspiring writers to share their worst and best Landlord/Tenant Experience.

We all have different tales about our various rental apartments and how much our relationship with our various landlords does affect our lives; I am talking about those that are still tenants in their places of residence. Some persons have sworn to do whatever it takes to move out of their rented apartments because of the never-ending bad experiences they’ve had and continue to have with their landlords.

Based on the aforementioned, there comes a time in our life when we have to grab the bull by the horn to ensure that we take that big leap of faith on our way to becoming landlords. I am not sure we have too many persons who would want to be tenants all their lives, that’s if at all we do have some people with that kind of mindset.

But before you can ever become a landlord, you need to first sack your landlord.

One of the most reliable ways to effect such change in status is by letting a reputable real estate company to guide you through the process and not just any Tom, Dick and Harry. One of such companies is Realty Point Limited.

Realty Point Limited is a real estate development company that stands atop the real estate ladder in Nigeria. It is considered one of the very best, with 12 years of tremendous growth and success in the real estate industry.

If there is one sure thing the company does, it is to help Nigerians sack their landlords in the best way possible. As part of events marking RPL’s 12th year anniversary, they have come up with what has been tagged “The Sack Your Landlord Contest”.

The competition which is in its 3rd edition is an essay competition which would see writers and aspiring writers come up with interesting stories that would depict their worst or best experience with their landlord.

Winners would go home with mouth-watering cash prizes.



Write an essay of between 500 to 600 words, describing your BEST or WORST experience with a Landlord. Send your essay to media@realtypointltd.com.

Take note: it is media @ REALTY POINT LTD .com NOT media @ REALITY POINT LTD

Your essay should include your name, phone number and email contact.

Essays are to be submitted between Monday 1st May and Sunday 7th May, 2017. Entries close on or before 12 midnight on Sunday 7th May 2017.



  1. Essay must not be less than 500 words or more than 600 words – 5 marks for compliance
  2. Essay must be plausible and story must be 100% original – 5 marks for compliance (However any entry that lacks originality or any story that is copied from an already existing source will automatically be disqualified)
  3. Essay must be well written with good grammatical structure – 10 marks for good essay.

The articles submitted within the stipulated period will be assessed by our Judges and the best TEN (10) entries will then be shortlisted and published on www.nigeriarealestatehub.com, where they will be subjected to votes from the public.

The Voting period will span from 10th May to 21st May 2017. During this period, successful contestants can share the link to their articles on www.nigeriarealestatehub.com to their various social media platforms to garner votes on the site.

Judges assessment will be 40% of the overall total points amassed by the individual contestant. While 60% of the overall total points accumulated by each of the contestants will come from points obtained from votes on www.nigeriarealestatehub.com

The top 3 entries with the highest points at the end of voting and assessment process will be announced the following week. The winner, 1st and 2nd runner up will go home with, 100,000 naira, 50,000 naira and 30,000 naira respectively.

Winners will claim their cash prizes on 26th May 2017.

Here is your chance to get some extra bucks for your ability to tell a Landlord story.

Realty Point Limited; We Deliver, You Win!



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