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The time it takes to build a house

The Time it Takes to Build a House

The time it takes to build a house depends on a number of factors. Like they say, different strokes for different people. Let’s take a look at the factors that determine the duration of a building project, probably that will help us do a rough estimate on the time it takes to build your home.

The amount of time it takes to build your house depends on the type of house you are building and various other factors, like labor supply and weather.

Calculating the length of time it takes to build a house without putting factors such as the complexity of the project — the topography and nature of the land on which the home is being built, the area where the home is being built and the intricacy of the home’s floor plan will be an impossible task. All these factors should ordinarily affect the building timeline. Custom houses can take longer to complete than production houses, while manufactured houses typically can be completed in a few months.

Basically, the five most commonly cited factors influencing construction time are pre-construction and permits, environment, workers and supplies, changes and construction style. Although knowing what to expect may not speed up the process, it might just help you maintain your sanity.

Pre-Construction and Permits
Before construction work starts on your home, the home’s lot must be prepared. That means clearing trees, rocks and other items, rough grading and leveling for the foundation. All these depend on how much work is involved. For instance, if there is an unexpected issue while clearing the lot, this can cause long delays during pre-construction.

Getting proper approvals and permits can also cause delays. Especially in situations you have to deal with omoniles. “Factors like approval on building permit and inspections process can vary between locations and can lengthen the time to a completed home.” That is why it is always advisable you buy land from a reputable real estate company. It reduces the hassles you have to go through before and during construction which consequently affects the duration.

Building time can be affected by the location of the building site. Invariably building times can be affected by the region in the country where the building is to be erected. On the average, it should take between 6 – 10 months from the start of a home building project depending on the region. Usually, for regions in Mountainous, hilly and areas of steep gradient, it takes longer time for buildings to be completed here compared to other regions. Construction in metropolitan areas is usually quicker — seven months, compared to nine months in more rural areas.
The season a region finds itself can also affect the time it will take for such building to be completed. This means that weather plays a role in the length of time it takes for a building project to be completed. Although construction workers can do a lot of work in the rain, such as trenching or cutting down trees or even clearing bushes, there are some things that can be held up because of the rain.

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