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Top 10 World’s Most Bizarre Bathrooms

This article is about rest rooms or conveniences or bathrooms as the case may be, that go against the conventional way of constructing bathrooms.

I guess finding weird bathrooms in Nigeria is commonplace. If you go to places like Ajegunle and Mushin where there are a lot of tenement buildings otherwise called face-me-I-face-you or face-me-I-slap-you apartments, you will come across many strange looking structures that look like bathrooms. Bathrooms or conveniences that doesn’t befit the eyes, talk-less the body, are widespread in low-income or no income dwellings in Nigeria. Some can’t even boast of any. However, this article is not talking about such structures that should not be found among humans. This article showcases incredible bathrooms that beats the imagination.

Here are the top 10 bizarre bathrooms in the world you won’t believe are actually real.

1. Underwater Bathroom, Japan


The beachfront Mumin Papa restaurant in Akashi, Japan, has a special treat for your bathroom break, with diners heading downstairs to enjoy a glass-walled bathroom with aquatic life swimming by and watching you. This groovy underwater restroom, by the way, is for women only.
2. Gaming Bathroom
What’s there to say about this specially designed bathroom catering to hardcore video gamers other than… are you kidding?
3. South Pole OutHouse, Antarctic
If you’re an arctic scientist working at a research facility at the South Pole, you’d better get used to using this frigid facility.
4.  See-Through Bathroom, Texas, USA
see-through-bathroom_940x640 see-through-toilet
If you ever visit Sulphur Springs, Texas, and find yourself with the urge, you can try out this ingenious public toilet that utilizes a one-way mirror (the same kind used in police interrogation rooms) that prevents anyone from looking in, while whoever’s inside can see everything going on outside on the street.
5. Alien Pod Bathroom, London
If seeing egg-shaped pods puts you in mind of the ‘Alien’ movies, these toilet-containing pods are actually not extraterrestrial in origin, but can be found in the bathroom of Sketch restaurant in London.
6. Ice Bathroom, Toronto
Thankfully this toilet made out of solid ice is actually just for show, a promotional gimmick from Microsoft, to promote Windows Vista in Toronto’s Yonge-Dundas Square back in 2006. But who wouldn’t get the chills just looking at it?
7. Glass Floor Bathroom, Mexico
If you happen to have a bathroom built atop an air shaft, then follow this example and put in a plexiglass floor. The only downside: upon opening the door, anyone with a fear of heights may wind up taking care of business before making it to the toilet.

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