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Top 3 Things To Consider Before Going Into Real Estate Investment

Real estate investment opportunity is one of the safest businesses in Nigeria that guarantees returns on your investment if you do it well. This article reveals three things you should consider before going into real estate investment.

Real estate happens to be one of the three basic needs for human beings to survive in the aspect of shelter. The other needs are food and clothing. Without real estate, survival on this earth plane could be impossible.

The fact that real estate is something every human must use should be enough motivation for you to give this article serious attention.

Presently there are many Nigerians that are earning lifetime income from real estate investment. This business has become more lucrative with the emergence of real estate mentoring companies. If you take time to learn how it works from one of these companies and you have some money to invest in it you will succeed.

Therefore, investing your hard earned money in real estate business is wise and profitable, as returns on investment can be very encouraging.

In order to become successful, you need to get more enlightenment in the following before going into real estate investment; capital, land, government policies, enabling environment, social amenities, raising money, mortgage banks, and housing authorities.

Let me throw more light on some of the aforementioned.

In real estate investment , money is the rule of the game. It is either you, as an in-coming investor have it in abundance or not. If you have all the money in the world to invest, fine. But where you do not have the money, there are various options available to be involved in the business.

I always say that the fact that real estate involves a lot of money does not mean that all the money must come from your pocket alone. All over the world, the capital market is one major way of raising money for any project you want to embark upon.

The truth however is that, unlike real estate investment the capital market is flexible enough to accommodate short term, medium term and long term investors.

Although real estate when intertwined with the capital market can begin to show some of the characteristics of a typical capital market product for example; high liquidity.

There is an element of time, patience, commitment, skills, passion, knowledge etc involved when one is investing in the real estate business at whatever level.

Once you decide how much you want to invest either as an individual or group, where to invest, and the incubation periods, when to begin to expect returns on your investments and so on, you can begin to raise money from other more conventional sources other than the capital market; like borrowing from banks, if you can provide the required collateral.

You can even go through the social angle, team up with some of your friends, as it is done in consortium, investment clubs, etc.

Yes, Nigeria is still regarded as the giant of Africa. But, social amenities like electricity, water supply, good roads, hospitals, industries, etc are still largely lacking. The present government is still trying to fix some of these amenities.

Therefore, before you go into real estate investment business, you need guidance from a real estate expert on how you can overcome the aforementioned challenges.

This should be considered seriously as the cost of these necessary amenities when not factored into a project appropriately can derail things.

In addition, the element of time, patience, commitment, and knowledge of how the real estate business works all over the world, as well as the peculiarity of the business in Nigeria could also go a long way to help you draw out a road map for entering the business from whatever level you want to operate from.

There are a number of government agencies at the local, state and federal level that are involved in the real estate investment business. These government agencies are to create an enabling environment for local and foreign investors.

Housing Authorities are generally governmental bodies that govern some aspect of the territory’s housing, often providing low income housing units to qualified residents.

Debo Adejana
MD/CEO Realty Point Ltd

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