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Top 5 cheapest cities in Nigeria

Top 5 Cheapest Cities in Nigeria

This article reveals the top 5 cheapest cities in Nigeria that appear to take the weight off highly sought after and expensive cities, such as; Lagos, Abuja and Port Harcourt.

Amid the economic hardship in the country, there are some cities in Nigeria that can accommodate the expectations of the average Nigerian. While the cost of living in Abuja, Port Harcourt and Lagos may be relatively high, there are some other fast rising cities in Nigeria that can give Port Harcourt, Abuja and even Lagos a run for their money. These cities have all it takes to go at logger heads with Lagos or even Abuja. You get to pay less yet for almost the same comfort and affluence; cities that avail you the chance to walk with your shoulders high. These cities don’t just offer comfort; political stability and low cost of living are extra benefits you would get for making such cities your dwelling place.

These are the top 5 cheapest cities in Nigeria.

1. Ikot Ekpene


Ikot Ekpene, also know as the ‘Raffia City’, is situated in Akwa Ibom state. The city is famous for its commercial activities and raffia business. Ikot Ekpene is the regional centre of commerce; it is famous for its commercial activities where notable exports of palm products and ground crops come cheap. Housing is affordable as new apartment buildings have all the modern amenities.

2. Aba



Aba is known for the serene environment it  offers while low-cost housing has become a strong incentive for those who relocate to this quiet and peaceful city in Abia State. Houses in Aba are quite affordable even to middle income earners. The city is one of the major commercial centres in eastern Nigeria. Major economic contributions such as textiles, plastics, cement, cosmetics has contributed to the city’s affordability repute. In addition, the city has the largest marketin West Africa, Ariaria International Market and that is why Fashion-savvy and business people visit this city for exportation and importation of goods. In Aba, food is very cheap because of the numerous villages surrounding this city and transportation is quite affordable. The city’s oil wells and natural gas repository has given the city an added energy, attracting business travellers and investors from around the world.

3. Ibadan


Ibadan is no longer that ancient city that was struggling to adapt to modernization. A visit to Ibadan would convince you that it is a place to inhabit when compared the cost of living in Lagos or other major cities. Every modern amenities and ritz in any modern city in Nigeria can be found in Ibadan. Many of the older buildings have been renovated and the city now has a matchless blend of modern and conservative. From upscale neighbourhood, vibrant nightlife to cheap transportation, the city has it all. The low housing cost and high quality living standard has attracted many people to relocate to the city.

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4. Ikom


Ikom is actually a small town, rather than a city but it’s far more expansive and modern compared to some other Nigerian towns. It has a list of great touristic attractions like Nigeria’s Stonehenge called Ikom Monoliths, Afi rain forest, Ikom town beach and Agbokim Waterfall. Fresh and cheap food, as well as cheap housing and peaceful environment can easily be found here. For more of a standard family lifestyle, Ikom should come to mind as a possible destination. Obudu Cattle Ranch is not very far from the town.

5. Makurdi


Makurdi is known as “The food basket of the Nation” Cost of living is surprisingly low as well as property prizes. The infrastructure and local economy are pretty developed there. Unlike most cities that are very expensive to live in, Makudi cuts a clear line in being an affordable place to developed as reside. Tourism is a rapidly growing part of the local economy, the infrastructure is well developed and residents get overall satisfaction as life in Makurdi is simpler than in other major cities in the country. The cost of living in Makurdi is relatively low and buying a land or property is an easy task.

Those are the cities that can rival Lagos, Abuja and Port-Harcourt. What’s your take?



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    Where is the best town to reside in ikom

  2. Thanks for the information, I may live in any of these cities in the nearest future as the Spirit leads.

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