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Top 5 coolest places

Top 5 Coolest Places You Should Visit In 2016

In this article, we will share with you a list of top 5 coolest places you should visit in 2016

It is another year of possibilities and another opportunity to gain new grounds and enlarge coasts. For those who love traveling, the world can only get bigger and you list of places visited should lengthen each year.

As your wish list increases, it is essential to know where is safe and newly uncovered.

In this article we will acquaint you with “Top 5 Coolest Places you should visit in 2016.”

The following five places should be on your radar this New Year.


Bhutan is a tiny and remote kingdom nestling in the Himalayas between its powerful neighbours, India and China. Almost completely cut off for centuries, it has tried to let in some aspects of the outside world while fiercely guarding its ancient traditions. The modest, mostly dirt road that encircles the country is being paved into a thoroughfare that can accommodate tour buses. Three- and four-star resorts, which didn’t previously exist there, are in the works (as are more snazzy five-stars). Bhutan is still special, but already traditional dress is being replaced by machine-produced silk from China, and it’s becoming nearly impossible to find artisans practicing traditional hand dying. Bhutan holds strongly to its ancient tradition, culture and monarchy but everything could change soon. So, it is advisable to visit there now when you can to experience what it takes to live in this unique country.


This Arab nation recently had their relationship with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia strained following the execution of an Islamic cleric and the subsequent attack on the Saudi Arabian embassy in Tehran, the Iranian capital. This led to Saudi Arabia severing ties with Iran. However, Iran still remains a place to be when it’s not at war with anyone or not being hostile to any of their neighbours. The country is expected to launch more than 1,000 projects to attract investment in tourism in 2016. While it may take a few years for the thaw to truly melt, the ancient sites are already there: Ali Qapu Palace, the Persian capital of Persepolis, rural mud-brick villages such as Abyaneh and incredible Islamic architecture.


After (isolated) terrorist attacks and (far-off) Ebola scares, Kenya is poised for its comeback. Though some tourists are still scared off, those who go are rewarded with having a quintessential Out of Africa experience to themselves: all the wildlife with virtually none of the vehicles. Travelers’ presence and dollars keep poachers from moving in. There is some sort of arrangement where visitors trek with the bodyguards of the last eight black rhino living in the wild. Plus, 2016 will be the first year that travelers can attend the Maasai Olympics.


If you are not in Brazil in 2016 then you are nowhere. From 5th -21st August, 2016, the country will host the rest of the world to the Rio 2016 Summer Olympics. In Brazil, you can go for tasting menus with ingredients straight out of the Amazon. I know you’ve heard lots of interesting, strange and scary stories about the Amazon Basin in Brazil, but the Amazon isn’t what you think. Put creepy-crawlies out of mind and focus on a kaleidoscope of red rivers, black rivers, blue rivers, swimmable rivers, nutrient-rich rivers that repel mosquitos and rivers so vast they’re more like oceans.

The popularity of Game of Thrones has placed this strip of the Adriatic even more firmly on visitors’ radar. The show’s fictional King’s Landing is filmed in Dubrovnik in Croatia, and Split shows up too. If you’ve been following Game of Thrones then you must have observed the fine scenery which makes Croatia a place to be.

If you have the needed resources, I’m sure there is ample time to touch down on the aforementioned places before January 1, 2017.

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