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most hospitable African cities

Top 7 Most Hospitable African Cities

Hospitality has no other nature than love in Africa. Africans practice all forms of hospitality by going the extra mile to make their guests feel welcome or feel at home. This article showcases the top 7 most hospitable African cities

There are many hospitable cities in Africa, which are welcoming and open to everyone; association is very informal and they have attractive places to eat and stay, exciting exhibitions, festival and entertainment. The people are proud of their cities and they welcome people into them, they have a sense of confidence in their own identity, purpose, history and culture.

Travelstarters have weighed in to help us in selecting our top 5 hospitable cities in Africa. We hope this list gives you several ideas for your next holiday. Their starting point was, “What kinds of cities in Africa make guests feel welcome?” The list was created based on these hospitability criteria:

  • Quality service in hotels and restaurants
  • Tourist attractions and leisure amenities

Therefore, in no particular order, we present to you the top 7 most hospitable African cities

1. Mombasa, Kenya

Over the years, Mombasa has effectively saved its old-fashioned charm and diverse culture. The city is a combination of natural beauty and urban fascination. Even though, Mombasa is a tropical destination, there is just something different about the city. Visitors who travel to Mombasa are lured by the scene of stunning beaches, exclusive cuisine and friendly people. Mombasa is a clean city; you won’t see waste on beaches or in the forest. The people love their city; they appreciate and respect it a lot.

2. Zanzibar, Tanzania

You may have wondered how the people of Zanzibar who are a mix of diverse ethnics – (Africans, Arabs, Comorians, Bantu and maybe Asians and Europeans) can live in harmony and still be as warm and friendly as they are. Their religion, social and cultural interaction reflects their historical influences and they are renowned for their hospitality and pleasant cohabitation. If you are looking for a perfect place to relax, Zanzibar is a great destination to visit. Beautiful beaches, fabulous attractions and exciting things to do!

3. Calabar, Nigeria

It’s been said that Calabar people are the most hospitable people in Nigeria. Tourists visit Calabar because it’s an adventurous, accommodating and sociable local population who keeps the city more hospitable. There is always something fun and lively going on in this city. Apart from the chains of hotels and restaurants that offer unique accommodation, cuisine and hospitality, the city draws a lot of people, both locally and internationally to its exciting events every year. The city has become a momentous tourist destination in Nigeria.

4. Victoria, Seychelles

With many vacation destinations in the world today, Victoria, the capital city of Seychelles, is a place most people really want to visit. A vacation in Seychelles is most tourists’ dream and it has become a reality for some. Victoria is a warm and relaxed city, full of scenic attractions including the stunning beaches. If you love arts and crafts, seafood, and the beach, you will love to visit Victoria. The locals are amazing and friendly. With the kind of hospitality they offer their visitors, you will wish you could stay longer whenever you visit.

5. Kololi, Gambia

The attitude of the populaces of Kololi is very relaxed; they enjoy life to the fullest. Kololi is a resort town on the shore of the Atlantic Ocean in Gambia. The town may not boast any famous attraction or popular skyscrapers but it does have a sociable local population that are welcoming and accommodating. The town is home to a lot of restaurants, bars and hotel resorts that provide quality services for modern living. The town is very clean and there are several tourist attractions that will make your travel experience memorable.

6. Tunis, Tunisia

Tunis is an ancient city yet sophisticated, and it is much loved by tourists and locals. The city has unique cultural practices and due to its affluent history, there are many primeval and historic places to see. You’ll also find a number of superb restaurants and hotels scattered all over the city. The people of Tunis are amazing people; they are very hospitable and always helpful to foreigners.

7. Casablanca, Morocco

The nicest way to describe Casablanca is as a hospitable city with a pleasant atmosphere and friendly people. As one of the biggest cities in Africa, one may wonder how sociable the city can be. However, the Moroccans take pride in their city and they are always proud to show visitors how great and friendly they are. The city boasts a vibrant culture and it is famous for its beautiful architecture, tourist hotspots, majestic hotels and amazing restaurants.

Thinking of visiting Africa? Visit any of these cities and immerse yourself in their culture, get to know the locals, you will be amazed at how friendly they are and you will surely enjoy your vacation.

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