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Earth Tremors

Earth Tremors Force More Residents Out Of Kwoi, Kaduna

More residents of Kwoi in Jaba Local Government Area of Kaduna State have fled, following earth tremors that hit the community last Sunday.

The earth tremors which continued into Tuesday, had seen concerned residents relocating their loved ones to safer grounds.

The exodus, however, reached a climax yesterday, as several vehicles moved non-indigenes and their properties away.

The people’s fear became heightened by a smaller tremor, registered 24 hours after Tuesday’s episode.

One resident, Dominic Mba, a carpenter, said: “I have just returned from Jos to move our remaining properties and go back with my family members, because we don’t know what might happen again in this town.”

Senator Danjuma Laah (PDP, Kaduna Southern Senatorial Zone) visited the town and urged the residents to be calm. He promised that geo-physicists would visit the area to carry out an investigation and determine the possibilities of fresh occurrence.

Many shops remained locked up yesterday after traders moved out their wares. Others in various employments also fled the town noted for its ginger production and the yearly Ham National Cultural Festival.

James Jinjiri, a primary school teacher and native of Kwoi, said: “There was a small tremor on Tuesday night. The Igbo traders and other non-indigenes made up their minds to leave. Majority moved out between Sunday afternoon and Tuesday.

On Monday, there were more vibrations. Those that stayed back were uncertain. Now, they are all leaving. I can’t recall anyone I know who is still around, except the non-Ham (Kwoi dialect)-speaking women married to our men.”


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