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Why You Should Use Step Ladders

What choices do you make when you want to paint the house, change the bulbs, check inside the ceiling, pick or put something far off on a shelve in your house or office? Do you use a stool, table or dangerous makeshift ladders?

I’m certain I won’t be so far from the truth to say many people would agree that none of the highlighted choices are good enough but they are the choices that we are accustomed to in our homes and offices.

What’s even more baffling is why people persist on using them despite knowing that it puts them at a high risk of avoidable accidents.

The good news is that the risks are now drastically removed and you can do anything you want to do from any height without the fear of falling or losing sleep.

Instead of a makeshift wooden ladder, or any other substitute, you can use safety ladders!

You may be wondering why I am proposing step ladders, albeit you will wonder no more if I lay bare the obvious dangers inherent when you use stools, tables or even wooden or makeshift ladders:

shelter depot

Wooden ladders, tables or worse still stools, are not designed to support varying weights, there is usually a limit to how much weight they can carry and how long they can support such weights.

Simply put, its not accident-free, in fact stools and wooden ladders are prone to accidents; more like a recipe for disaster. Your mind is not even at peace when you climb such to work within the house. The wooden or makeshipt stool/ladder could just creak, then break.

Invariably, a wooden ladder or stool can easily give way to the weight on it, leading to a bad fall depending on your height. I’m sure you would rather care less about how bad the fall would be instead care more about getting safety step ladders that won’t give you a false sense of security when you mount on it, but rather puts your mind to rest.

Paralysis, bone fracture, brain trauma are some of the ailments or body system anomaly that could result from a bad fall off a wooden ladder or stool. And if the devil is specifically on your case, you could die instantly from the fall.

These safety ladders are made of galvanized steel and hold firm on the ground to give you a complete balance when you climb.

You can find some of the best step ladders at Shelter Depot Limited. Their ladders are strong, their price is very competitive and the quality is European Standard. Yes, Europe, ‘NOT’ China. You can’t get the quality for the price they are offering anywhere else in the open market.

These step ladders come in different steps and sizes.

To quickly order for yours, call Mr. Azeta Abahi (08059899764) or send an email to: azeta.abahi@realtypointltd.com

Henceforth, use safety ladders instead of makeshift tools that will cost you more to repair whatever damage they may cause to you.

Stay safe…Live safe.

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