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How Cooperative Societies Started In Nigeria

cooperative societies in Nigeria

A lot of questions have been asked about how Cooperative Societies started in Nigeria, and based on my experience of running cooperative societies successfully for many years till date, I wrote this series of articles to share information on it with you, my esteemed visitor. This article will enlighten you on how cooperative societies in Nigeria started. According to the International Cooperative ...

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This article is on cooperative society bye laws, principles and practices, let’s get started. According to The International Cooperative Alliance (I.C.A), a cooperative can be defined as an independent, self-sufficient association of people who come together willingly to meet their economic, social, and cultural needs and desires through a mutually owned and democratically controlled enterprise. As such, it can be ...

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History of Cooperative Societies

history of cooperative societies

The history of cooperative societies started with the art of people coming together to contribute money to meet their immediate or future needs. Before I commence the article of today, which is on the history of cooperative societies, let me digress a bit into the major challenges of an entrepreneur. If you are an entrepreneur, you will agree with me ...

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How To Register a Cooperative Society

Understanding how to register a Cooperative Society is a step in the right direction, especially when we consider that a lot of people have lost their life savings and cash by having business dealings with companies or organisations that are not recognized by law. If you are currently doing this, it is at your own detriment because such a company ...

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How to be a Landlord

 CHAT WITH MR AJIBOLA ADEMOLA On How To Be A House Owner One of the major reasons why many people lack information on how to be a landlord is because they lack proven strategy to go about it. One of the ways we intend to crack this code is by sharing with you chats with house owners. I will be ...

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Investing in Real Estate

Maximum Return Guaranteed on Your Investment Investing in real estate is one of the most lucrative businesses you can do in Nigeria that guarantee returns on your investment. The first step to get started is to clearly define how, when, why, where to enter the real estate world as an investor. Then find a proven real estate investment expert that ...

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Lagos Land

Would you like to be a guest writer for Nigeria Real Estate Hub? Register here. – All credits to this site must be clearly stated as nigeriarealestatehub.com

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Investment in nigeria

Using real estate as a vehicle to create wealth One proven investment in Nigeria that can make you rich and sustain your wealth is real estate investment. The recent crash of the stock market in Nigeria where many investors lost their stocks has made real estate investment to become popular amongst investors. This does not mean real estate investment an ...

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Land Banking

Exposed! Land banking investment, the underground banks the rich keep their money. With this article I will be exposing you to land banking investment, which is an aspect in real estate business that can give you financial freedom without emptying your pocket.This form of investment was perceived to be capital intensive and solely for the rich. But recent strategies applied ...

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