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Bad Market – Episode 14

Bad Market - Episode 12

Family goes beyond blood ties; family is genuine relationship and togetherness. Pa Jimoh, Mrs. Jimoh, Timi, Ebun and I are family, but in the real sense we aren’t. The disunity amongst us was worse than the one plaguing the country. In fact, if we were Nigeria, we would have been no more after the civil war of 1967. :::::::::::::::::::::::::::Read Previous ...

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Bad Market – Episode 7

Bad market - episode 6

Timi made certain that I didn’t leave his room without instilling enough fear in me that would ensure that I didn’t say a word of what I discovered when I stumbled into his room. I was literally thrown out of his room afterwards. ::::::::::::::Read Previous episode here:::::::::::: As I stepped into the lobby, his threats played out in my head ...

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Top 10 Most Beautiful Campuses in Nigeria

Top 5 most beautiful campuses in Nigeria

Compiling a list of the top 10 most beautiful campuses in Nigeria was never going to be an easy task considering the vast array of universities in the country, albeit we came up with a list anyways. Whether you agree with me on this or not will now be a question of how many people are on my side on ...

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‘Government has no business in business’ – Prof. Nubi

Professor Timothy Olugbenga Nubi, a lecturer of Estate Management and former Head of Estate Management Department in the University of Lagos, spoke to JUDE NJOKU of vangauard on why PPP is the best approach to projects delivery in present day Nigeria. According to him, “a nation is like any family. You can never have all the resources to meet your ...

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