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10 Reasons You Should Marry A Real Estate Agent

For a Nigerian lady, considering a real estate agent for a relationship often times has nothing to do with his profession because they hardly view it as one of the most prestigious professions in this part of the world. Therefore, where prestige is absent, wealth becomes paramount. This piece offers Nigerian ladies 10 possible reasons their search for a potential husband should end the moment they come across a good real estate agent.

Ordinarily, a typical Nigerian lady would go for a Banker, Doctor, Engineer, Oil worker, Politician before she remembers there are men in the buying, purchasing and rental ranks of the real estate profession. However, I’ll bet they would get more than they bargained for eventually.

If the experience of my one time girlfriend is anything to go by then her hubby – the real estate agent she left me for, is the best hubby any woman can ask for. I was so heartbroken about the whole thing that I had to research and draw out possible reasons she left me for a common real estate agent (or so I thought) because the guy didn’t even seem to be wealthy, at least it looked like we were of the same financial status. So, what really must have happened? I mean, nothing really happened between us and I thought we were too in love to break up.

Enough of the heart-wrenching tale; here are the 10 possible reasons why I think she ditched me for a real estate agent:
1. They are soul up-lifters not Heart breakers like many Men (They broker the deal when all hope is lost)
When you think all hope is lost with that real estate deal, a real estate agent will come out of the blues to broker a deal and save you from an emotional trauma. You can therefore count on a real estate agent not to toil with your emotions. In fact, there’s no better therapist than a real estate agent; they are life-savers.
2. A real estate agent “never says die”
They don’t give up easily. They are tough people and I want to believe that the adage; when the going gets tough the tough gets going was coined after studying the life of a real estate agent. With a real estate agent, your marriage or relationship will most likely not hit the rocks. It will weather the storm and stand the test of time and that’s because, in the line of duty. They take nothing for granted and definitely not their partners and they are practically immune to let down.
3. They are the only men that understands women.
Real estate agents understand their clients’ needs more than they do. A good real estate agent is equipped with information concerning real estate, therefore he understands the dynamics and trends of the market. He can out rightly predict where the pendulum swings in a transaction after a comparative market analysis no matter the fear a client entertains in the course of a transaction. Simply put, a real estate agent is always on top of his game

So, when some men find it hard to understand their women and literally break down,  a real estate agent understands his wife more than she even understands herself and that’s is why nothing she does is ever a bother. Instead he will tell her to bring it on because he already knows how to make her feel whatever she has up her sleeves is nothing compared to his understanding of her. When the “honeymoon stage” fades, they’re not likely to scram.

4. Real estate agents are great negotiators.
A good real estate agent brings you the best deal for that transaction and usually, exactly what you want to your doorstep and even better. With a real estate agent as husband be sure that everything he brings to the table is for the good of the marriage, he always has your interest at heart and always makes decisions that will favour you on the long run

5. Real estate agents work with multiple vendors, so they’re great coordinators.
A real estate agent can work with a team of strangers and can coordinate a real estate transaction regardless of who is involved. And if you are fortunate enough to end up with a real estate agent as husband then leave everything that has to do with coordination to him. Be sure he won’t disappoint. Be it your child’s birthday party, weddings, events e.t.c. he will even coordinate your life for you and take you on the path that leads to the fulfillment of your purpose on earth

6. Real estate agents take note of the aesthetics of a property, their partners inclusive
Real estate agents also give you a detailed assessment of a property you may want to rent or buy. Therefore, a real estate agent should know when their woman is not wearing that make up well or rocking that attire or outfit in the best way possible. Make him your beauty and style adviser

7. Real estate agents are easy to reach at a moment’s notice.
Real estate agents keep their phones on at all times. Actually, their livelihood depends on it. Having a real estate agent as your spouse; be sure he will never miss your call and will be there for you when emergencies arise.

8. A real estate agent has a problem-solver mindset
A real estate agent believes he will give his client what he wants come rain or shine. They are hustlers and are quite tenacious. They exude confidence in what they do. A real estate agent-spouse will make a good counselor so you won’t be spending extra in consulting a shrink when life’s challenges come your way

9. You will never be bored with a real estate agent.

A good real estate agent doesn’t just sell properties—they sell themselves. A real estate person is so engaging that you will never be bored in that marriage because there is always something special to engage you with or in.

10. He will you talk you into marriage

Because of their ability to convince a client in the course of a real estate transaction, it is also easy for a real estate agent to convince you into a commitment. They give 100% loyalty to their wife just as it is with their clients.

So, if a real estate agent asks you out on a date or for your hand in marriage, you should definitely say yes! I am one now, and because I’ve learned the tricks that worked for that dude that stole my girl from me, the tables are now turned; the ladies now ask me out.

Every lady I meet thinks I’ m husband material.The only problem now is that I just get confused these days on who to settle with because of the numerous qualities they see in me.

Do you have more reasons apart from the ones already listed above? Bring them on.


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