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Home Security: 7 Simple Ways To Secure Your Home Against Robbery

Home Security: 7 Simple Ways To Secure Your Home Against Robbery

According to an online report, burglaries reportedly happen every 15 minutes in Nigeria. Even more worrying, is the fact that 73% of those robberies happen to residential homes.

As a homeowner who have or would be moving into your new home soon, the safety of your home should be one of your top priorities.

Inorder to help you with that, I would be outlining to you, 7 things you should do to help secure your new home.

When it comes to protecting your family and home, nothing but the best will do.

To help you confidently protect what matters most, I’ve researched and reviewed the best home security measures you can simply execute.

Check out my list of the top home security precautions to heed.

1. Secure Your Door, Change the Locks

All home security measures work on the same basic principle of securing entry points, like doors and windows.

Most burglars who rob a home, enter through the front door. Perform an inspection of not only your front door, but all doors around your home.

Also, you really cannot know how many people might have keys to your home, even in a newly built house.

Anybody who worked on the house or worked to sell the house probably has a key. You can’t always trust that those people will respect your home and belongings. As soon as you’ve arrived, you should change the locks on all the doors or anything else that uses a key or pin lock. Many modern homes use pin locks for any sliding glass doors or windows.

2. Protect Your Valuables

The process of protecting your stuff begins with prioritizing your valuables. Figure out what you can and cannot live without. For anything that makes the cut, put your name on it, preferably in a permanent way. Take pictures of your items and save receipts.

Do anything you can do to prove you own these items, because it can go a long way in ensuring the credibility of your claims if anything does happen. If the police find any of your belongings, it certainly helps them decide whether you truly owned them in the first place. Photos also give proof to insurance companies on the status and state of your possessions upon your move in.

3. Purchase and Install a Home Security System

Although this is mostly still an unfamiliar development for most homeowners in Nigeria, it is a pretty great idea that we must begin to adopt.

Security systems don’t just offer alarms, but also security signs, lights, and video surveillance, as well as other options. Figure out what makes you feel safest.

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Home security alarms serve a few different purposes. From, alerting your family inside the house that a problem had just occurred, to sending a warning shrill enough to send a burglar running as well as also notifying nearby neighbors to the situation.

Finally, most home insurance companies even provide great discounts-up to 20 percent-when you have a home security system in your home.

4. Meet & Get Familiar With Your New Neighbors

Besides being the right thing to do, meeting your neighbors generally increases your safety in the neighborhood. Extend a helping hand, let them know you care about their safety and the safety of everyone around you. Creating a sense of community helps everybody feel safer, and increases our desire to help each other.

This means if they see an unfamiliar person lurking around your property, they will alert you almost immediately or question the character themselves.

5. Perform a mock burglary.

Home Security: 7 Simple Ways To Secure Your Home Against Robbery

Now that you’ve made friends with the neighbors, have one of them walk around and through your house to look for things that aren’t secure. Are valuables out in plain sight? Can they see through the curtains into the home?

Performing a mock burglary can give you great insight into areas of your home security plan that might need tightening up and reworking.

6. Light up the environment 

Although, majority of burglaries occur during the day, when most people are at work, it still doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t secure your home at night.

Install lights around your front and back yard. An intruder might be less inclined to break in if there is a spotlight on them.

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Also, try and eliminate potential hiding places around the perimeter of the property, so that you can have a clear view of everything at all times.

7. Employ The Use Of Home Security Signs.

If you walk into a store or an housing mart, these signs are always on sale. Get them, and put them up.

On the surface, these signs might seem like nothing more than mere signs, but they play important roles in home security.

When you place a security company’s sticker in a front window and plant their sign in your front house, you are telling burglars you home is professionally protected and not a wise choice for an attempted burglary.

Sometimes the belief that there’s a security system inside can be as effective as actually having one (even if you don’t have).

In Conclusion. 

It’s not enough to have home security measures in place — you have to have a plan in case they fail. Sit down with your family and come up with a simple routine to help secure your home.

Set rules for opening the door for strangers, locking the doors and windows whenever you leave.

Make sure your kids know what to do should a break-in occur and have an exit strategy in the event of a fire or other emergency

Of course, there many ways to make your home as safe as possible. What makes you feel safe at home?

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