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Meet the Speaker For The Debo Adejana Real Estate Seminar

Debo Adejana Real Estate Seminar

For those of us who are not yet in tune with the Debo Adejana Real Estate Seminar, the last edition for 2016 is holding in November. As usual, this promises to be educative, insightful and impact-driven. If you don’t have any reason to attend this seminar, the caliber of the speaker of the day at the seminar should make you ...

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The Ugly Side of Housing Delivery in Nigeria

housing deficit probems

It is common knowledge that the average Nigerian presently lives in abject poverty, though the ruling class pretend not to be aware. Sadly, poverty and poor housing have direct bloodlines. This article analyses poor housing delivery in Nigeria. A huge percentage of our populace live in inadequate or inappropriate housing, or worse still totally homeless, especially in urban cities. In ...

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6 Facts and Myths about Real Estate Investing

real estate investing

Real estate investing may be a big deal, but the rules governing it are simple. Buying a house or a property should be a very wise and calculative step otherwise you can get into procuring an inappropriate and inadequate house that falls short of your housing needs. This article suggests 6 Myths and Facts about real estate investing that can ...

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Why You Need An Architect For Your Building Project Design


In Nigeria, the work of an architect is not taken so seriously. So many people believe they can do their building design or construction without the aid of an architect. To them, employing an architect is a waste of money. Some don’t even know who an architect is. What do architects really do, and why should anyone consider one? Using ...

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Why Governor’s Consent Hinders Real Estate Development In Nigeria

Governor's consent

The Governor’s consent is a title document that establishes the consent of every Governor of the 36 states of the federation to all land transaction in the “said state”. Invariably, it is a means of perfecting the title on a land. Obtaining a Governor’s consent in Nigeria is a very herculean task. This article addresses the issue of the Governor’s ...

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How To Attain a Strong ROI On Your Commercial Property


A strong ROI on a commercial property investment is the hallmark of that real estate investment it took you years to build. This article talks about ‘how a real estate investor can achieve a strong ROI on a commercial property investment. In as much as there is an avalanche of residential property investors in Nigeria compared to their commercial property ...

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Recession: Selling a House In a Slow Market


The times are hard, and consequently, selling a house in a slow market or when an economy is in recession can be an arduous task; it is definitely not a walk in the park. We are in an era when it’s not enough to simply list your home and wait; you actually have to sell your home. No one really wants to sell ...

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Why Building Standards Exist: The Pains And Gains

Building standards

A society without building standards to regulate the erection or construction of buildings, or a society with land regulation laws should be prepared for anarchy. This article gives useful insights as to why building standards exist. As cities become the center piece of contemporary development and as land become more scarce and inaccessible for requisite developmental purposes, the quest to ...

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How The Activities of Man Has Led To Land Degradation In Nigeria

Land degradation

Land degradation relates to the depreciation in the qualities and quantities of vegetation, soil resource, air, water resource among others. This article takes a look at the adverse effects of the activities of Man to the Nigerian environment. Land reclamation efforts for effective use constitute as a major panacea to the problems of land degradation in the not only in ...

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