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Landlord/Tenant Matters

THIRD EDITION: ‘The Sack Your Landlord Contest’ RELOADED!

Sack your landlord contest

THE ‘SACK YOUR LANDLORD CONTEST’ comes alive this month. It’s a competition that creates the platform for writers and aspiring writing to share their worst and best Landlord/Tenant Experience. We all have different tales about our various rental apartments and how much our relationship with our various landlords does affect our lives; I am talking about those that are still ...

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How Landlords Can Keep Their Tenants Happy


Majority of Nigerian tenants don’t believe the average Landlord can be nice and dandy or even have the tendency to be nice. This article talks about how landlords can go out of their way to be nice to their tenants. Honestly, I am tired of hearing tenants complain about their landlords. These days no one seems to have something good ...

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Do I Report The Illegal Activities In My Compound?

My compound

“How the heck did this dude manage to convince my good-natured and highly disciplined landlord to lease his apartment to him?” That was the question that kept roving in my mind when I finally made it to my two bedroom apartment after a hard day’s job. My wife and kids had gone for our church’s vigil, so I had returned ...

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Landlord and Tenant Romance

describe your landlord

By Akinyemi Ayinoluwa Emeka Nwankwo is a legal practitioner with a viable law practice in Lagos. He is a fine gentleman with his head well screwed to his neck.  Temperate, unassuming, a charmer and a typical people-person. Little wonder, in his early 30s he has recorded huge milestones in his law career. Emeka resides in a peaceful, elitist neighborhood in ...

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Landlady Sets Tenant’s Apartment Ablaze To Eject Him

Landlady Sets Tenant’s Apartment Ablaze To Eject Him

One Mrs Nike Azeez who is a landlady in the Ijegun community of Lagos state, has been accused for setting the home of one of her tenants, Adeleke Shakiru on fire just to eject him from her compound. The incident happened on Tuesday April 12th. According to PM News, Nike and Shakiru have been at loggerheads over the use of ...

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10 Ways To Resolve Landlord/Tenant Disputes


Once you have decided to become a landlord, you’ll need to be prepared for disputes that will inevitably arise with your new tenants. Being prepared will help you avoid being caught unaware by a dispute. This article aims at suggesting ways by which dispute between landlords and tenants can be resolved. Instead of immediately going to court, there are many ...

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Are Tenants Now Haunting Landlords?


There was a time when the word landlord sent chills down the spines of erring tenants; the days of old when an eviction notice was like a death penalty.  Albeit what is obtainable these days is that tenants now believe they have equal footing with their landlords, they can even go on to call their bluffs and possibly commit arson. ...

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