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How to Invest In Real Estate Using Little Money In Nigeria

This article was written to show you how you can invest in real estate using little money in Nigeria. Note that this method is quite simple to implement and has been proven times without number as a cash cow for very few wise investors.

Dear Friend,

I’m sure you’ve heard it mentioned somewhere before that one cannot really be said to be rich if he/she doesn’t have a real estate asset in his/her portfolio. Real Estate to a considerable extent has become a yardstick for creating and also measuring wealth.

But to get unto the ownership ladder of any piece of real estate however small is not beans, like they say in Pidgin English in Nigeria. Why is that the one thing desired by many, still eludes them no matter how hard they try each time?

Before I go off tangent hammering on why that is the case, I want to tell you a story about myself and how I struggled with trying to invest in real estate during my early years and how I eventually won.

Here was I, married young Banker in my very early thirties just assembling the fabrics of an adult life together. Where was I supposed to get the tones of money required to make any investment, real estate being highly capital intensive in nature.

I was down that road and it’s not a position or situation you want to be for a long time. All my life, I had always wanted to be counted among the wealthy. I saw how people struggle in their later years after retirement queuing up for pension and some dying on the queue. I did not want my life to end that way. I wanted to stand up and be counted for myself and most especially for a number of people around me. To be in a position to offer help to anyone in need like one of my maternal Uncles still does till today. In my old age, I wanted to be able to look back and say, I came, I saw and I conquered.

Tried as I may to invest in real estate, I could not go pass my savings account and I spent most of my money on recurrent expenditures. I always had reasons to withdraw the funds I have kept aside. All efforts to grow my savings wasn’t just working. I used “kolo”(piggy bank), opened a special Savings Bank Account, refused to collect ATM cards, even did “esusu”(closed ended rotational contributory scheme) with some friends and lost some money along the way.

I was in my late thirties when it hit me, GBAM! “Agbasowolafin soya, owokan ogberu dori”.

Summarily meaning “it is collaboration that can push you to your Zenith”. I stumbled on a write-up about Cooperative Societies – the history and benefits, and my eyes opened. This is what I’d been subconsciously looking for without knowing all the while, a means by which I can put money aside, not have easy access to it and if the need arises, I can borrow against it at very negligible interest rates.

After ruminating a while on what I’ve read, I started out with my first community based cooperative immediately.

Saving was however still not easy but I was able to do it by taking power out of my hands and giving it to the human capital unit of my workplace, specifically instructing them to deduct my contribution directly from my salary, remit it to the Cooperative society and only pay me the remaining balance monthly.

Since then, I have been able to acquire a healthy portfolio of real estate assets among other benefits I have derived from being a member of the Cooperative. My goal of setting out to invest in real estate was ultimately achieved without having to stress myself or part with so much money like i initially thought.

I am now on my second Cooperative and this will potentially transform my world totally. This is because it will help me achieve my dream of not just owning more properties but also helping others to do the same. I have seen the need to not eat with all my “ten fingers” but keep reasonable sums in a vehicle like an housing Cooperative, where it can be invested along with other co-operator’s funds for very good returns. This is easily achievable because of the economy of scale in the sector.

Real Estate is undoubtedly a massive gold mine, but if it isn’t mined the right way, you might end up with almost nothing whilst others make it big. In fact – many people buy real estate only to experience stress and empty bank accounts.

Despite the fact that real estate investments has been touted as a sure banker, they still struggle for years but never build the kind of wealth they dreamed of.

The problem is that quite a lot of people make investments without proper knowledge and research, and they end up losing out. If you want to invest in real estate today, you must make sure to avoid these mistakes. It can be quite costly.

However, these mistakes could easily have been avoided if they had collaborated with others, combining funds, knowledge, expertise and also jointly bearing the risks, as compared to bearing it all alone and making huge losses.

So – how does one navigate through all this and still go on to make cool money from real estate investments?

The answer to that is ‘Joint Venture Investments’ or Cooperative Society as many prefer to call it.

As the name implies, it is a common way of combining resources and expertise of many otherwise unrelated people to achieve a common goal of profitability. This means that they jointly invest in real estate, for profit making purposes only.

If you got this far reading my write-up, I am convinced you have serious interest in what I have to say, so let me share this opportunity with you. Who knows, this could be your own eureka moment.

A vehicle for like-minded people like you who can afford to put aside say N150,000 to invest majorly in real estate asset class and share dividend yearly has started operation in Lagos and Abuja , and is fast spreading out to other parts of the country.

It is called BERSAMA, meaning “together”. Bersama is a real estate investment focused co-operative.

In major cities around the world, joint investment platforms of this kind plays leading roles in the development and financing of most large real estate projects.

In Bersama, the specific goal is the joint finance and development of real estate projects for mouthwatering returns to all contributing members.

I’m sure by now you already have an idea  of the huge potential in Bersama. One of us will like to share how it works with you, kindly click here to register your interest and you will be contacted as soon as possible. We can’t wait to jump on the phone with you for this interesting conversation. Someone can be at your preferred location on an appointment to further explain things to you if you register here now. .

Now, every single willing individual can partake in the returns possible from real estate investments by simply joining BERSAMA.

To be a part of the cooperative and invest in real estate, your location doesn’t matter. You can join from anywhere you are in the world. Register here now to proceed.

What more, a special discount is available for someone who joins after registering here now. To enjoy your discount benefit, insist on quoting NREH as your reference in the appropriate column of the application form when the time comes and you will save 20% of the joining fee. Just like that!

I am really excited about this journey you’re about to embark on and looking forward to welcoming you as a member of BERSAMA.

To your Success!


‘Debo Adejana

Real Estate Enthusiast

Register NOW not later, it will only take less than a minute of your time and you will be done. But if you push it away till later, you may never get back to doing it again as it usually happens to you. So, before life happens again, gain control, register here NOW!

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